Horse Hacks - Penny Savers for Pony People

Everyone may already know this, but I'll say it anyway - horses aren't cheap!

Between making sure your horse is healthy and strong ( a horse), and ensuring you both look your best in the ring, you might find yourself wondering where on Earth all that hard-earned cash went! Don’t worry, I also know this feeling, and over the years I’ve put together a nice little list of low-cost tips and tricks to help make sure your prize pony looks its best without breaking the bank!

*None of these ‘hacks’ replace good care and hygiene practices for your horse. Always ensure you check regularly for signs of injury or illness and contact your vet with any concerns.

Pan Scrubbers

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll be well aware of my adoration for these little wonders! I rant and rave about using pan scrubbers all the time - I was led onto these by a client and I don’t know how I ever survived without them.

Sometimes a brush just isn’t enough, and for quick removal of stubborn mud patches, these scrubbers are a lifesaver! I buy mine from B&M, where you can get a pack of 5 for £1, though naturally you’ll be able to get them everywhere!

Baby Oil

*NOTE: Baby oil acts as any oil does and will burn in direct sunlight/heat. Please be aware of weather conditions when deciding to use baby oil on your pony and be sure to wash off thoroughly after any use*

Baby oil is a fantastic multi-use product in the pony world. For show days, I like to use baby oil as an alternative to highlighter on areas including the shoulder and the hindquarters area to give that perfect shine for the ring.

Has your horse suddenly turned into a mud monster? Baby oil to the rescue! It’s a great product to use to help remove stuck mud and twigs from tails and feathers - and everyone knows how much effort it can take to get dried mud out of tails sometimes! Apply liberally, and then the dirt just slides off with very little effort. Baby oil is also great for hot clothing to help remove grease from your pony's coat - but remember to make sure it's fully rinsed!

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are a really useful product to have handy on the yard regardless of what you’re using them for!

I love my plaiting sprays, but I often use baby wipes as an alternative when I’m running low - baby wipe plaits are near indistinguishable from plaits done with spray - see the photos below!

Baby wipes are also great for removing dander to help make your pony look shiny and smooth!

Do you have any fantastic horse hacks? Keep an eye out for my next blog post where I’ll go through a few more penny savers to help keep your pony looking its best!

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